5 Top Reasons Why You Must Have Skylights In Your House

We all want to have a healthy body and mind. Natural light is very effective not only for physical but mental health as well. While rural areas have massive lands and open structures to accumulate more natural light and air, the crowded metropolitans lack on this ground.

Thankfully, more skylight suppliers offer solid, reliable and quality glazing products to spruce up the beauty of your dwelling place and the health of the inhabitants.

Installing glazing products like skylights, roof lights, roof windows, etc. is the perfect way of improving the health, happiness, and well-being of family members.

The vitamin D provided by the Sun is an essential element for our body. It increases the hormone Serotonin which improves our mood. Besides health, glazing products are also cost-effective and a beautiful addition to your home décor.

Let’s take a look at how adding skylights to your house design can be beneficial for you.

Benefits of installing skylights in your house

1. Energy efficiency

Skylights reduce the need for artificial light which not only costs money but is also harmful to our environment. Using natural light, instead, can help you conserve energy and reduces its costs. This further cuts down on the demand for unsustainable energy, thereby contributing to our environment.

Contrary to the artificial light, the sun provides an unlimited amount of energy that you can consume for uncountable years. Furthermore, solar energy does not emit anything that is harmful to our environment. Thankfully, Panoroof skylight suppliers in the UK, offer quality glazing products that help you cut down on electric energy at the best rates.

2. Optimal daylight

We all need more natural light as we start aging. This is the reason why most people in the modern era are looking for houses that offer us more natural light.

Skylights help us in achieving that by maintaining the balance of brightness in the room. They are good in reducing glare and making the places safer as you can clearly see objects in a bright environment.

3. Ventilation

Electric venting skylights help in to generate a passive air conditioner. These use exhausts and chimneys that draw up warm air and add refreshing air to the house.

4. Make small spaces look bigger

The enclosed, narrow, and dull spaces can be adverse for psychology and mood. By installing skylights to theses spaces brings brightness, making them look wider than they really are.

Spacious interiors are good for health as well as the mind. You can get your custom rooflights designed in such a way as to provide an illusion of hugeness to your small rooms.

5. Aesthetic charm

Glazing products like skylights and roof lights are a great way to add beauty to your house’s aesthetics. The conventional and common spaces can be spruced up by installing beautiful skylights that please the eyes of the beholders.

In this way, they make your house unique and add value to your property.

Beautify your house by installing skylights. Contact skylight suppliers in the UK, to order your favorite glazing product now.

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4 Common Air Filter Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Even if you have the best air filters, you may not be able to get the most out of them if you don’t be careful enough. In this article, we are going to talk about some common mistakes that you might make as far as your air filters are concerned. These tips are essential to help you avoid these mistakes so that your HVAC system continues to work optimally. Read on to find out more.

1. Not Replacing the Filters

The function of an air filter is to filter the air that passes through your HVAC system. The thing is that when air filters become clogged or dirty, airflow will become restricted. As a result, the unit will have to work harder to maintain the heat or cooling.

If the airflow is restricted, you may not be able to protect yourself from bacteria and allergens. It is essential to keep in mind that respiratory diseases are on the list of common killers in the world. So, we suggest that you replace dirty filters as soon as you can.

2. Installing the Unit the Wrong Way

Make sure that the air filter is installed properly. It should not be installed backward. If you have no idea how to install it, we suggest that you hire the services of a professional. If fixed in the wrong way, they won’t work properly, which will defeat the whole purpose.

You may want to take a closer look at the air filter to find the arrow. Make sure that the arrow faces the furnace. You want to double-check the unit to ensure it has been fixed the right way. The idea is to ensure proper installation for the proper functionality of your system.

3. Opting for the Wrong Size

Many users make this mistake, especially those who are just getting started in this department. Make sure you get the exact size for the proper installation and functionality of your heating and cooling system.

After all, you want all of the air to pass through the filter and not around it. If the filter is too small, it will not clean all of the air, as most of the air will bypass the filter.

If you are not a technical person, we suggest that you get help from someone who knows about these systems. You cannot afford to make this mistake if you want your heating and cooling system to work optimally.

4. Not Paying Attention to the MERV Rating

If you are not familiar with this term, know that MERV refers to minimum efficiency reporting value. This value is between 1 and 20. The higher the value, the higher the efficiency of the unit. In other words, this rating is a measure of the power of the filter to trap foreign particles from the air.

For instance, many hospitals make use of filters with a higher rating to ensure proper filtration of air. So, what you need to do is go for HEPA filters as they provide the best performance in almost every device. They can filter dust, mold spores, pollen, and dander.

If you have been suffering from asthma due to an allergy, we suggest that you consider this rating and go for the best filter to cover your needs.

So, we suggest that you avoid these four common air filter mistakes if you don’t want to end up damaging your heating and cooling system.

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Can You Use an Air Conditioner As an Air Purifier?

If you are not sure whether you should go for a dedicated air purifier or just depend on your hair conditioner, you are on the right page. In other words, you need to find out if an air conditioner is able to filter out different types of pollutants, bushfire smoke, or viruses. The sad news is that most types of air conditioners are not designed to serve their purpose. If you want to keep your indoor air as clean as possible, you may consider some types of these units. Read on to find out more.

Dust filters can’t filter smoke

Almost every air conditioning unit comes with a dust filter inside the indoor unit. The function of these filters is to remove dust in order to prevent it from blocking the internal systems. However, dust filters don’t have a significant impact on fine particles, such as smoke. So, you may want to get access to these filters and clean them on a regular basis. This is essential for proper airflow and a functional unit.

Ionization filters can filter smoke slightly

Based on ionization, some types of air conditioners do contain air purification filters. And they are available in a large variety, such as plasma stream and photocatalytic electric filters. The good thing about ionization filters is that they can filter out smoke. However, manufacturers claim that the units can remove germs, virgins, odors, mold spores, and fine dust.

How does an Ionization filter work?

Basically, ions form inside the indoor unit of an air conditioner. Basically, they are used for breaking down or trapping pollutants like bacteria, pollen, and dust. The thing is that they get attached to the particles of pollutants. They break down through the process of oxidization.

Are Ionization Filters Installed in HVAC Systems?

The good news is that you can find several brands that offer ionization-based filters. You can go for their premium models in order to get these benefits.

Disadvantages of these Filters

They don’t have any disadvantages. However, you may need to be cleaned and replaced from time to time. Therefore, we suggest that you check the instructions to carry out these maintenance tasks. It is essential to keep in mind that the process of ionization can generate a little bit of ozone. Therefore, it may irritate your Airways.

HEPA Filters

If you want to filter the finest particles of mold spores, viruses, pollen, and smoke, we suggest that you try out a HEPA filter. You can find them in different types of vacuum cleaners and air purifiers. However, they are not installed in air conditioners.

In most cases, HEPA filters can provide their best performance at low levels of airflow because of the filter density. In other words, you cannot install them in your duct air conditioners. In the future, we may have domestic air conditioners that may have HEPA filters inside them.

Long story short, you cannot use your air conditioners as an air purifier. So, you might want to invest in a separate good-quality air purifier to cover your air purification requirements.

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The Significance of Pure Air Inside Your Home

Have you ever climbed up mountains? If so, what do you do when you reach the top? Most people open their arms, close their eyes, and take a deep breath. That is the special thing about clean and fresh air. You feel like taking a pause and inhaling fresh air. Over the past year, we have faced several waves of coronavirus. These days, we have been warned about another wave of this virus. Therefore, the importance of clean air has been increasing day by day. In this article, we are going to find out why air quality is important when it comes to our indoor environment.

The impact of pollution on your indoor air

No matter where you go, you will have to face the consequences of poor quality. Even if you are alone in your home, you will still be prone to polluted air. Every year, more than 1 million people lose their life because of air pollution.

According to some reports, India is among the top 10 countries in the world with the worst air quality. The effect of polluted air is more evident as people spend over 90% of their time inside their homes. Another research study found that residents are at a greater risk of covid-19.

As a matter of fact, indoor air pollution has become an international concern. We can say that pollution levels inside and in closed spaces are up to five times higher. Since most pollutants are not visible to the naked eye, you may not be able to aware of the dangers of dirty air.

Indoor air pollutants may be generated by common household items, such as cleaning agents, cooking fuel, furniture polish, pet dander, and paint. Apart from this, domestic appliances such as refrigerators and heaters may also be the common source.

Since homes are not airtight, air pollutants can easily get in. For example, smog, smoke, mold spores, and dust can get into your house through your windows or doors. Air conditioners can be used to cool down your rooms. But the downside is that they can also boost the movement of pollutants across your house.

What can you do to purify your indoor air?

Basically, air purifiers are simple devices that receive dirty air and put it out after passing it through powerful filters. Nowadays, you can choose from hundreds of air purification units available in the market. They are based on a wide range of technologies. They are available in different sizes to cover rooms of different sizes.

Nowadays, most types of air purifiers depend on HEPA technology. Initially, this technology was introduced in the 40s in order to capture pollutants from the air. Although these filters have been used for the filtration of particulate matter, they may not be that effective when it comes to eliminating volatile organic compounds.

Therefore, if you are worried about your health, we suggest that you invest in a type of device that comes with a HEPA filter. With these units, filtering your indoor air will be a piece of cake. Therefore, you can count on these devices to and ensure clean air inside your house.

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What Points to Keep in Mind While Buying a Trundle Bed for Toddlers

Toddlerhood brings a lot of changes. Some are significant, while others are little, but the shift from crib to bed is most important. Your kid may be communicating that they are up for a big bed when they are getting out of their crib. There are no hard and fast rules on when children should transfer to a separate bed; nevertheless, they can express interest before 2nd birthyear or after four years old. Although some children may be excited about the prospect of a toddler bed, some may be frightened by the prospect of a large bed.

Trundle bed for Toddler

A trundle is often a Twin-sized structure with wheels. However, Full-sized trundles are also prevalent. The lower mattress is generally thinner than a conventional mattress to allow simple storage and pull-out processes. They offer space for overnight visitors, create a pleasant meeting spot for your family. And give exhausted parents a wonderful place to rest when they’re up all night dealing with a cranky infant.

Trundle beds are popular among children since they’re unique and entertaining. Pulling out and pushing in the trundle bed and sleeping on multiple levels is enjoyable for children. Besides these benefits, trundle beds provide a greater play area for children while accommodating many children in the same room. You might want to try bunk beds with a trundle bed that comes out from the spare bed if you want to accommodate even more children in the same room.

Points to consider while purchasing

  • Recognize the benefits of a trundle bed over a regular bed.

We frequently ignore the advantages of a trundle bed over a regular bed. We often forget the trundle’s many benefits, and as a result, we miss out on many opportunities. For times when you have sleepover visitors, trundles give an extra sleeper. It is a more compact piece of furniture that can be used as a divan sofa and a bed.

  • Trundle Beds for Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are an excellent choice for a child’s bed if you have children sharing a room or need an additional bed for visitors. Choose a bunk bed trundle, which can be used as a second bed by adding a trundle mattress or as a single huge storage drawer for storing extra blankets or clothes.

  • Before purchasing a trundle, measure the available space in your home.

Trundle beds may be pretty large, so they require much room to be set up comfortably. It’s why you should consider where you can position your bed without risking scratches or bumping over other items when removing the trundle. A trundle bed with drawers will be helpful if you want extra storage in your child’s room.

  • Materials that have been used

One of the most important items to consider is the material for the trundle bed. Like maple, oak, and pine, Wooden beds are repairable and provide adequate leg assistance from the lower surface. Metal and wood beds are available in various colors to suit your preferences. Depending on your needs, you can select any material. If you want the room to be classy, you can choose wood. If you want a cool room, you can choose metal.

  • Matching theme

Designing a child’s room allows you to experiment with different colors, motifs, arrangements, and themes. Your home should be furnished in modern neutral tones, and your kid’s room may be created to seem like a racetrack. Alternatively, a jungle. Even though a trundle bed takes up less space than a standard double bed, it is likely to be the largest piece of furniture in the room. Likewise, a princess suite.

As a result, the design of this bed will establish the tone of the space. Search for a design that not only compliments your children’s room decor but also is adaptable and can evolve with them.

  • Safety

The guard rails on the beds will ensure that your tiny child does not tumble out of bed while sleeping. They will be protected by the guard rails. Furthermore, the gap between the two beds and the space between the top bed and the ceiling should be sufficient to prevent head injuries when getting out of bed.


In this place, they let their imaginations and magic run wild. It’s critical to give children this space as kids become older and accomplish key mental and physical growth milestones. It will soon be their sleeping, playing, studying, and dreaming space.

Transferring to a toddler bed is an exciting moment for you and your child, who is rapidly growing up. Be ready for a potential sleep regression and a new level of enthusiasm around bedtime. Patience is a virtue, and you should endeavor to maintain everything else similarly. Adhere to your usual sleep routine and ensure your toddler’s room is secure since they may roam when you’re not there.

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